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What is it?

  • It is a voluntary participation programme by Tripadvisor for hotel managers.
  • On the Tripadvisor website, which speaks about your hotel, what it does is allow customers to consult the prices and make a reservation through different channels.
  • Until now, only the large intermediaries were participating; showing your prices through these channels.
  • From now, the latest change is that the official website of the hotel can also be consulted. The user is redirected to the hotel’s website showing prices and, ideally, makes the reservation there.
  • Tripadvisor gives a lot of visibility to this invitation to consult prices. It is permanently attached to the top of the page even when the user scrolls down.
  • A hotel on its own account cannot request Tripadvisor to participate. It should be done through a technological member like Mirai.
  • Tripadvisor charges the hotel for this service. It does not charge by commission but rather pay-per-click.
  • Participating does not affect the ranking of your hotel in your city. Your position will not appear any different.

Advantages of participating

  • Tripadvisor has an enormous capacity for managing traffic (and consequently reservations) on your website. It is proportional to your position in the ranking of your city.
  • You are probably already participating…through your intermediaries. You finance their presence there through the commission that you pay them. If you are not participating, you are feeding them and discriminating against your own website.

Disadvantages of participating

  • Right now you will not be able to control how much you invest. Participating means agreeing to pay Tripadvisor for every click, be that many or few.
  • It is expensive in the majority of cases. The cost, in relation to the return, comes to represent 25% – 45%. It is usually less, the higher your position in the ranking of your city.

Mirai tried it

  • …for three months: If you are thinking of participating, before joining the programme, please read our Conclusions about investing €27,000 in 58 hotels.

In a few words: Do we recommend it?

  • Yes… for hotels that:
    • Have a good position on the their city’s page (1st page in large cities)
    • Have a very good evaluation in medium or small cities.
    • Have their aim to improve their official web pages clear: Applying equality of prices and wanting to earn shares from their intermediaries.
    • Can accept a certain level of uncertainty in the necessary investment.
  • Not… for hotels that:
    • Don’t have a good position / evaluation in comparison with the others in their destination.
    • Are happy with the intermediaries being in charge.
    • Cannot accept any uncertainty about the prior investment and the post-payment.
  • If you are having doubts: Try it for a month and then decide. With Mirai you can.

Details of participating with Mirai

  • There are no fees: Neither initially nor periodically. Your investment goes 100% to Tripadvisor… In contrast to doing it through other companies.
  • You can quitafter the first month.
  • We will send you reports* every month and, following their evaluations, we can stop your participation.

*Reports: Currently Tripadvisor does not have a tool that allows the hotels to see the results in real time. Every month we will send you a report with the information that we receive from Tripadvisor.